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Metal Tongue Piercings Increase Infection Risks

Earlier this year, a study was released that suggested that metal tongue piercings create a greater risk of infection than plastic studs. Researchers in Europe interviewed 80 participants who ranged in age from 16 to 36 years old and included both men and women. They found that stainless steel posts and titanium studs generated more bacteria than the plastic options when the piercings were examined. In fact, scientists found traces of the Staphylococcus aureus and Haemophilus influenza bacteria, which can cause whole body illness.

This research underscores the risks associated with mouth piercing. Though many people consider it an expression of individuality, it can come with very real concerns, such as:

Chipped or broken teeth
A common problem, cracked and fractured teeth must be repaired with a filling or crown. Over time, repeated damage can weaken the effected teeth.

Blood Loss
Because your tongue contains several blood vessels, you could end up in the hospital if one of those vessels is perforated during the piercing.

Need for orthodontic treatment
Depending on what you select, the piercing can actually change the position of your teeth. Crooked teeth will then require orthodontic intervention to correct the misalignment.

Risk of disease
As previously mentioned, a piercing in your mouth can introduce an infection, which could spread to the rest of your body and make you very sick. Improperly sterilized instruments could also expose you to serious health issues like hepatitis and HIV.

Chronic pain
If the piercing hits the wrong spot, you could sustain never damage that may cause lasting problems.

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