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Taking Care of Your Toothbrush

You want your smile to look great and stay healthy, which requires some effort on your part. Properly caring for your teeth and gums promotes good oral health. One important component of home care is getting the right toothbrush and keeping it in good shape.

When you buy a toothbrush, make sure to find one with soft bristles. Brushing should clean teeth without damaging the surfaces or gums, so most dentist recommend soft bristled brushes. Whether you choose a manual or electric toothbrush is less important than choosing a brush you will use on a regular basis.

Generally, you need to replace your toothbrush every three months. Over time the bristles break or become frayed, causing them to lose their effectiveness. If you catch a cold or develop an infection in your mouth, throw out the brush immediately and replace it with a new one to prevent re-infection.

Once you have cleaned your teeth, remember to take care of your toothbrush. If food particles aren’t rinsed away, bacteria can grow on your teeth, even if you aren’t sick. Inspect your brush to make sure nothing is stuck between the bristles and completely rinse it out; then, allow the toothbrush to air dry over night. Placing it in a drawer or covering it with a case seals in the moisture and promotes bacteria growth.

To prevent the spreading of germs, make sure you don’t store your toothbrush wear it can touch another brush. As far as toothbrush etiquette goes, you should never share your brush with another person. If you have any doubts about contamination, be safe and throw the brush out.

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